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Skip Hire Prices Guide – How much is it to hire a skip?

Welcome to Enviro Waste’s 2019 Skip Hire Prices Guide, where we will be exploring our most recent price list, as well as explaining the factors that explain prices, such as permits, sizes and volume, and location. If any of your questions remain unanswered after reading this guide, we invite you to start a conversation with our friendly Account Managers on 020 3773 1132 or

Skip Hire Prices by Size

Here at Enviro Waste, we offer 4 different sizes of skips and 2 different sizes of Roll on Roll off container. For each option, we’ve included the volume, dimensions, how many full bin bags can approximately fit inside the skip, and how much we charge for the service.

  • 6 Yard Builder Skip

    Perfect for small amounts of heavy waste
    Volume: 4.6m3
    Dimensions: 2.6m x 1.52m x 1.22m
    Capacity: Around 35 bin bags

  • 8 Yard Builder Skip

    Perfect for large amounts of heavy waste
    Volume: 6m3
    Dimensions: 3.7m x 1.7m x 1.22m
    Capacity: Around 45 bin bags

  • 12 Yard Maxi Skip

    Perfect for large amounts of bulky waste
    Volume: 9.2m3
    Dimensions: 3.7m x 1.78m x 1.68m
    Capacity: Around 75 bin bags

  • 20 Yard Roll on/off

    Usually for trade use for larger construction jobs. Ideal for either heavier or bulkier waste streams. Charges are based on haulage and tonnage.
    Volume: 15.3m3

  • 40 Yard Roll on/off

    Usually for trade use for larger construction jobs. Ideal for either heavier or bulkier waste streams. Charges are based on haulage and tonnage.
    Volume: 30.6m3


Factors that Influence Skip Hire Costs

How long can you keep a skip for?

2 weeks, but extensions can be given, typically at a cost to the customer. The customer must also consider their road permit or parking extension if they don’t have a private property to place the skip on (read more on that below).

If a customer refuses to have their skip collected, they may incur penalties. We hope this won’t be necessary and that everything runs smoothly.

Permit Costs

The most common skip permit is a document issued by your local council granting you permission to place a skip on a public highway for a defined period of time. The less common type of permit is a ‘parking suspension’, which is used when the location of the skip is in fact a paid parking space. Skip permits are not given for skips larger than 8-yard, so when private space is unavailable or at a premium, you be will be required to hire smaller skips and request road permits. Fortunately, here at Enviro Waste, our Account Managers can take care of this process on your behalf and ease any concerns you may have. They will also do whatever it takes to arrange a skip hire plan most suitable for your needs.

Both skip permits and parking suspensions will incur a fee that must be paid to your local council. It’s not an immediate process either, it can take three or four working days, as the council will need to approve or reject the request and then organise the documents. Most councils do allow the skip hire companies to take care of this process on their customer’s behalf, though we charge a fee for this service (note that we must add VAT when recharging the cost of the skip permit to VAT registered companies).

The cost of skip permits varies greatly. For example, in Liverpool, a skip permit costs just £10 for the duration of your skip hire, whereas in Glasgow, the same service will set you back £55. The good news is that all skip permits are priced the same for their relative size, so you won’t have to pay more for an 8-yard skip permit than a 4-yard skip permit.

Here are some approximate prices from around the UK as an example:

  • Birmingham skip permit | £13
  • Bristol skip permit | £13
  • Edinburgh skip permit | £25
  • Glasgow skip permit | £55
  • Leeds skip permit | £20
  • Liverpool skip permit | £10
  • London skip permit | £50
  • Manchester skip permit | £20
  • Newcastle skip permit | £20
  • Nottingham skip permit | £15

Here are the approximate permit prices for London boroughs:

  • Barking & Dagenham | £15.97
  • Barnet | £52
  • Bexley | £46
  • Brent | £49.50
  • Bromley | £37
  • Camden | £45.04
  • Croydon | £36
  • Ealing | £50
  • Enfield | £56
  • Greenwich | £47
  • Hackney | £80
  • Hammersmith & Fulham | £72.60
  • Haringey | £84.65
  • Harrow | £54
  • Havering | £70
  • Hillingdon | £40
  • Hounslow | £84.55
  • Islington | £90
  • Kensington & Chelsea | £93
  • Kingston upon Thames | £120
  • Lambeth | £60
  • Lewisham | £60
  • Merton | £60
  • Newham | £30
  • Redbridge | £92
  • Richmond upon Thames | £69
  • Southwark | £78.80
  • Sutton | £50
  • Tower Hamlets | £27.70
  • Waltham Forest | £70
  • Wandsworth | £34.70
  • Westminster | £78

Parking suspension fees are generally only required when the skip must go in a pay & display area or on double yellow lines. The fee you will pay depends on the costs of the parking zone, and don’t be surprised to pay as much as £50 in a big city, or nothing in a small town

Type of waste

Different projects create different types of waste. Being a professional clearance company, we’ve come to see and handle every type of waste from every type of project imaginable. The majority of our skip hire customers fall into one of the following categories:

  • House clearances
  • Major renovations
  • Commercial projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Large domestic clearances
  • Bulky waste
  • Builder’s waste

From those particular types of projects we commonly find, sort, and do our best to reuse, recover, or recycle the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Plastic, polystyrene, and other packaging materials
  • Metal
  • Gas cookers
  • Small furniture
  • Domestic waste
  • Bricks

Another category of waste that’s important to mention is green & garden waste, as this continues to grow in popularity, especially in the summer months. Much of the green and garden waste that we recover, we are able to reuse and turn into materials that can be sold back into the construction and landscaping industries.

  • Grass
  • Twigs
  • Leaves
  • Soil
  • Turf
  • Lawn
  • Weeds
  • Patio slabs
  • Bricks
  • Rubble
  • Hardcore materials
  • Light green waste, such as shrubs and plants
  • Small branches
  • Palm fronds
  • Woodchip and bark

Forbidden from skips by law!

Please be cautious of the following items, as putting them in skips can be both harmful to human health, and put you at risk of legal penalties.

  • Fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps
  • Contaminated spills and rags
  • Aerosols
  • Paint in original containers
  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Antifreeze and brake fluids
  • Oil and fuel filters
  • Toner / laser cartridges
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Asbestos

As well as these items, you cannot include:

  • Explosives
  • Tyres
  • Plasterboard
  • Medical waste
  • Mattresses
  • Items that stick out of the top

Skip Hire Location

Skip hire prices have been known to differ massively around the UK. Enviro Waste is based in London, meaning our prices will naturally be on the higher side. The cheapest skip hire prices will be found in small towns in the North of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It could be the case that skip hire customers in rural Yorkshire pay just half of what skip hire customers in London pay.

Have we answered your questions about skip hire prices? If there’s anything more that you’d like to know, please get in touch with our friendly Account Managers on 020 3773 1132 or

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