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Tumble Dryer Disposal & Recycling In London

Moving a tumble dryer is no easy task, plus what do you do with one if you’re wanting to dispose of it? Letting a tumble dryer go to landfill can be damaging to the environment as it contains electronic components, even sending it for recycling isn’t always the best option.

Tumble dryers do contain many materials that can be recycled and it could be stripped down for parts. However if a tumble dryer still works then it can be reused or rehomed, this is the best option to minimise our environmental impact. Here at Enviro Waste we are firm believers in protecting the environment and will always endeavour to reuse first and then treat recycling as a secondary outlet.

Our team of eco-friendly professionals are here to lend a hand and ensure that all your disposal needs are as hassle free as possible, we’ll even work around your schedule.

Pricing for tumble dryer disposal or recycling ranges from as little as £87+VAT. Check out our pricing page for a breakdown of prices including other white goods.

How it works:

  1. Call us
  2. Schedule visit
  3. Team sent out
  4. We do the labour
  5. Documentation provided
  6. We recycle 92% & donate to plant a tree


What to do next?

Make sure that your tumble dryer’s drum is completely empty and the machine has been detached from any internal plumbing.

Next, give our expert team a call to arrange a pick up time. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have. We believe strongly in protecting the environment which is why we divert up to 92% of our waste away from landfills.

Take a look at our testimonials page to see the positive feedback we’ve had from previous clients.

Other White Goods Disposal & Recycling

I’ve never used Enviro Waste before but after my old tumble dryer suddenly broke, I needed to clear it as quickly as possible before the new one arrived. The staff were very helpful and arranged for my tumble dryer to be picked up the next day! I would definitely recommend them to a friend.
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Why choose us?

"There is no other industry that is as closely linked to the state of our environment than the waste industry. We have a huge responsibility to live more sustainably for future generations. ‘Enviro’ represents who we are and what we do and being quality driven means if we go out to do something we do it properly. Thinking long term allows us to recognise that the only way we can drive change is to be a positive influence within the industry.

Visit our charity page to learn how our customers, through the Enviro Fund, helps us plant trees and help contribute to society. We hope you share our values, our future depends on it."

James Rubin – Founder & CEO

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