The Solution

How does this affect me?

If you work with any sort of electronic goods, you will have electronic waste at some point. Most people don’t know that they should be disposing of their electronic waste in a responsible manner. Enviro Waste London are here to help you dispose of all e-waste in an easy and efficient way.
Improper disposal of e-waste can produce hazardous chemicals, harmful to our environment and ourselves

How can I make a change?

If you have an interest in environmental conservation or green living, ‘electronic waste’ or WEEE waste is a term you should quickly become familiar with.

By recycling your unwanted e-waste in the correct way, you will help to reduce landfills, stop dangerous substances and chemicals from contaminating the planet and reduce health risks for people worldwide.

How can Enviro Waste London help me?

Our thorough and detailed research into waste disposal, in particular recent legislation regarding WEEE, means that we can offer one of the most professional e-waste clearance services for both residential and commercial sites in London. If you have e-waste, however big or small, we can take away the stress by helping you to dispose and recycle correctly.

Our hope for the future

At Enviro Waste London, out biggest hope is to make a change to the way people approach looking after the environment, particularly through waste and recycling.

WEEE is the fastest growing waste stream worldwide, increasing at a rate of 3-5wt.% each year ( We must realise that it is not just the global businesses that need to change, but us as individuals too. Better decisions and behaviours need to be made today and we must change our practices to respect the planet on which we live. Let’s start with recycling.

There is a need for more professional waste companies, bigger amount of collection channels, and for more recycling centres to take action. We can help, and you can too.


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