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Enviro Waste London

We are a family business and are working towards becoming London’s most environmentally friendly waste clearance company. We provide a range of waste clearance services for both homes and businesses. Our primary concerns are providing a consistent professional service to our customers and caring for the environment.

E-waste specialist

As part of our professional service in the UK waste sector, we ensure that our knowledge of all changes in waste clearance legislation and services is paramount. Our dedication to researching and updating our waste clearance knowledge means that we are a WEEE specialist and can provide our customers with services of the highest quality.

In addition, as we are always looking at different ways to improve how we operate our business we are improving our standards by becoming ISO certified:

Our ISO 9001 certification for quality management qualification ensures our services consistently meet the needs of our customers.

Our ISO 14001 certification for environmental management ensures we have an effective environmental management system in place.

Our ISO 27001 certification for information security management ensures we are qualified to work with sensitive company information, so you can rest-assured your data is safe.

Our BS EN 15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material qualification ensures that we are correctly collecting and destroying data.

We hold the following licenses:
Waste carriers license allowing us to general, hazardous and electronic waste
T11 license allowing us to carry out the refurbishment and repair of WEEE waste

An efficient team

We have an extensive fleet of waste removal vehicles that are equipped with dedicated teams, enabling us to carry out a range of types of clearances. Our network covers the commercial, domestic and construction industries.

A caring team

Based on the belief that the more we get the more we should give, The Enviro Fund was set up in 2012. The bigger and better our company becomes, the more we can give to help improve our environment and community. 

We donate to the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, for every waste clearance job we do, helping our environment and future generations. 

We also support The British Heart Foundation, the UK’s number one heart charity. After each waste clearance, we sort through the items. Any clothing, CDs, DVDs, books and shoes that are suitable for the BHF we donate. These items are then sold in their 700+ shops.

Our purpose

It takes just a few minutes to schedule a pick-up, but it makes
a huge difference for the future.

At Enviro Waste London we hope to change an archaic and old-fashioned market into a proactive and professional service that has excellent customer, community and employee relationships, instilling the importance of our social and environmental issues as a waste carrier and handler and working with organisations with the same values as us.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an organisation set up to help educate and promote the transition into an economy that is circular, rather than the current ‘take, make and dispose’ business model. This is a cause that we support entirely, and our business is now fully operational with a circular economy structure.

It takes just a few minutes to schedule a pick-up, but makes a huge difference for the future.


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