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Paint Disposal in London

Whilst paint is not the most common of waste streams, it is one that throws up a lot of important considerations for whoever is trying to dispose of it. Good Waste Guide

The most important point for clients is that they can work with a reliable and trustworthy partner who aims to recover as much of the paint as possible, making the right and sustainable decision at every opportunity.

Being an environmentally friendly waste company has allowed us to become this for our clients, we have also become known as the UK’s most environmentally friendly choice for disposals. We see waste as an asset and a resource, even for paint, and so we make the process of paint disposal one that is stress and hassle-free with a resourceful outcome.

The key points about Paint Disposal at Enviro Waste:

  • 100% energy recovery
  • 100% reused, contributing to our circular economy model
  • 0% paint to landfill!
  • Paint is recovered for energy in Leeds

Using EfW to help the environment

Enviro Waste opts to use an energy-from-waste process whereby the waste is heated to extreme temperatures (usually around 850℃) in a special oven. The paint will be mixed with other combustible wastes that are not recyclable or reusable. As a result of burning the waste, steam is produced and used to spin a turbine, thereby generating energy or heat for local homes.

Important: We only work with incineration companies who operate strict APC (air pollution control) systems, so that our waste is not contributing to air issues.

The customer journey at Enviro Waste

  1. Your waste collection is organised for a convenient time and date for you
  2. Enviro Waste trucks and trained operatives arrive on site to carry out the loading
  3. The waste is carefully loaded, taking all health, safety, and environmental measures into account
  4. You are left with all relevant paperwork including a waste transfer note and for commercial address a consignment note
  5. The waste is transported to our facility in London
  6. Your waste paint is unloaded and then contained separately from other waste types to avoid contamination
  7. The waste is sent for treatment to our partners in Yorkshire

Why work with Enviro Waste?

Here at Enviro Waste, we handle a large number of hazardous waste jobs ourselves, paint recycling is one of these examples. We may not be the cheapest solution for hazardous waste, but that’s actually a good thing, because we have gone to extra lengths to make our service best for our customers and communities. Consider that those with the cheapest prices could be taking the worst shortcuts and doing all the wrong things to drive that price down. Our higher pricing allows us to put the environment first, protect the local community, support the local economy, contribute to excellent projects like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Woodland Trust, give the highest quality of customer service and account management, and offer the most comprehensive and unique solutions for our valued customers.

If you want to dispose of paint in the most boastable way possible, then working with Enviro Waste is the best way to do it.


I found Enviro Waste with an online search. I do not live in the area so needed a company who would provide a service quickly & efficiently, that is what I got. Helpful & understanding call handling and a team of two men who removed the waste quickly with good manners & appearance. I will highly recommend the company to anyone.
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Why choose us?

"There is no other industry that is as closely linked to the state of our environment than the waste industry. We have a huge responsibility to live more sustainably for future generations. ‘Enviro’ represents who we are and what we do and being quality driven means if we go out to do something we do it properly. Thinking long term allows us to recognise that the only way we can drive change is to be a positive influence within the industry.

Visit our charity page to learn how our customers, through the Enviro Fund, helps us plant trees and help contribute to society. We hope you share our values, our future depends on it."

James Rubin – Founder & CEO

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