Oil Waste Disposal in London

Here at Enviro Waste, we are one of the UK leaders in environmentally-friendly and proactive waste oil disposals, helping our customers to do right when getting rid of nasty substances. We’ve become a trusted authority for a number of tough-to-dispose-of oils, including:

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Cooking Oil
  • Diesel/Gas Oil
  • Mixed Fuel

Below we will explain what pragmatic and sustainable approach we take to each of these waste types. Before that, it’s important to know that we have nationwide coverage through our fleet of vehicles, trained and licensed collection operatives, competitive pricing and a service that puts the environment over profit. 

Hydraulic Oil

The incorrect disposal of hydraulic oil can be an absolute nightmare to the environment, so you need to work with a company that you can trust, a company that has teamed up with some of the nation’s most sustainable facilities and treatment networks to ensure a 100% recycling and landfill diversion rate. With service centres across the country, numerous specialist vehicles, drivers, and operatives, your hydraulic oil waste collection will be carried out smoothly and dependably. 

Cooking Oil

Our cooking oil recycling efforts yield a 100% landfill diversion and 100% recycling rate, as well as being a confident and affordable choice for any cooking oil-producing business. Fast collection times, excellent value, and peak customer service performance are all on offer as we stop your oil going to landfill.

Diesel/Gas Oil

Enviro Waste can collect and recover any and every drop of diesel or gas oil waste so that this resource can be totally maximised, with 100% recycling and landfill diversion rates meaning that the environmental hazards are nullified! Collected diesel and gas oil waste can be turned into recycled fuel products, specification oil, or for use as base oil, helping to provide a sustainable power source for many types of industries. To find out if this service can be of benefit to you, our Account Managers would be happy to explain how it works.

Mixed Fuel

Mixed fuel is often a polite term for contaminated fuels, such as when petrol and diesel accidentally find themselves mixed up. We have a sustainable handling and disposal process that guarantees 100% recycling and landfill diversion rates. Contaminated and redundant oils and fuels are one of our specialities, so get in touch and let us solve your waste problem.

The customer journey

  1. The waste collection between you and Enviro Waste is organised
  2. Enviro Waste trucks and trained operatives arrive at your site as planned
  3. The oil waste is carefully loaded, taking all health and safety measures into account
  4. The waste is taken to the appropriate Enviro Waste facility
  5. It is handled appropriately by our experts
  6. The waste is sent for the relevant recycling process
  7. Paperwork is sent to you at a later date

Enviro Waste can competently provide sustainable treatment solutions for even the most complicated of oil waste streams, even those that are contaminated. Our consultative approach means we are here to find out-of-the-box methods to take a proactive approach to your environmental requirements.

Why is Enviro Waste the superior choice for oil was disposals?

We don’t shy away from difficult to collect materials, and once we’ve got them, we’ve got all of the right tools, experts, and partners to ensure that the smoothest and most sustainable journey for your waste takes place. Oils are no different. Our biggest competition is ourselves, as we are constantly seeking ways to improve our methods and service to the benefit of our wonderful customers. 

This unique application of environmental principles allows us to protect our communities, drive our local economy, maximise recycling rates, and contribute to unbelievable projects like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Woodland Trust, as well as give the highest degree of support and account management.

We offer the most complete, sustainable, and dependable solutions for our valued customers and their oil waste. This is the Enviro Waste way

Why choose us?

"There is no other industry that is as closely linked to the state of our environment than the waste industry. We have a huge responsibility to live more sustainably for future generations. ‘Enviro’ represents who we are and what we do and being quality driven means if we go out to do something we do it properly. Thinking long term allows us to recognise that the only way we can drive change is to be a positive influence within the industry.

Visit our charity page to learn how our customers, through the Enviro Fund, helps us plant trees and help contribute to society. We hope you share our values, our future depends on it."

James Rubin – Founder & CEO

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