Chemical Waste Disposal in London

Here at Enviro Waste, we are one of the UK leaders in environmentally-friendly and proactive chemical waste disposals, helping our customers to do right when getting rid of nasty chemicals. We’ve become a trusted authority for a number of tough-to-dispose-of toxic substances, such as:

  • Cleaning products
  • Liquids
  • Isopropyl
  • Pesticides
  • Brake fluid

Read on as we explain what happens to each material…

Cleaning products

Depending on the type of cleaning product in question, we are typically able to offer a 100% landfill diversion and 100% re-use rate, by turning the collected waste cleaning products into filter cake. Filter cake provides a useful material that helps to avoid unnecessary toxic waste going to landfill. 


Hazardous waste liquids can be tricky for many chemical waste disposal teams, but not for Enviro Waste, we’ve got years of experience and advanced technology and transportation to ensure that troublesome liquids are handled in the best way possible. Depending on the liquid in question, we collect and transport it away to our facility and turn it into filter cake.


Isopropyl is often used in the manufacturing of rubbing alcohol, windshield fluid, and some types of antifreeze. Disposing of this hazardous and flammable substance must be done with absolute care and pragmatism, something our team are experts at. Isopropyl must be collected in a carefully-sealed container before being taken for energy recovery. Due to its flammable nature is can be a great source of fuel. In many cases, it may also be used to make filter cake.


Pesticides are naturally dangerous contaminants that can pose a serious and immediate threat to human health. Knowing the dangers they possess, our supply chain have invested in quality equipment and technology to make sure that the chemical waste disposal process not only creates the least harm but also allows the pesticides to be used in a sustainable manner. Remember, we offer 100% re-use and 100% landfill diversion for pesticides.

Brake fluid

Our methods of disposing of brake fluid is one of the most sustainable in the UK market, with the resulting filter cake product being of great use to our customers and the environment.

The customer journey

  1. The waste collection between you and Enviro Waste is organised
  2. Enviro Waste trucks and trained operatives arrive at your site as planned
  3. The chemical waste is carefully loaded, taking all health and safety measures into account
  4. The waste is taken to the appropriate Enviro Waste facility
  5. It is handled appropriately by our experts
  6. The waste is sent for the relevant process
  7. Paperwork is sent to you at a later date

Here at Enviro Waste, we can handle and provide sustainable treatment solutions for even the most complicated of chemical waste streams. Our consultative approach means we are here to find out-of-the-box methods to take a proactive approach to your environmental requirements.

Why should you work with Enviro Waste for chemical waste disposals?

We’ve taken a proactive approach to even the most difficult and hazardous materials, rather than shying away from the challenge and responsibility. Now we can proudly state that we are a specialist, working with some of the industry’s best partners to ensure that your chemicals are treated in the most sustainable way possible, going the extra mile for the environment and customer service is part of our core ethos. 

Our greater dedication to sustainable chemical waste disposals enables us to prioritise the environment, protect the local community, support the local economy, contribute to excellent projects like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Woodland Trust, give the highest quality of support and account management, and offer the most complete and dependable solutions for our valued customers and their chemical waste.

This is the Enviro Waste way.

Why choose us?

"There is no other industry that is as closely linked to the state of our environment than the waste industry. We have a huge responsibility to live more sustainably for future generations. ‘Enviro’ represents who we are and what we do and being quality driven means if we go out to do something we do it properly. Thinking long term allows us to recognise that the only way we can drive change is to be a positive influence within the industry.

Visit our charity page to learn how our customers, through the Enviro Fund, helps us plant trees and help contribute to society. We hope you share our values, our future depends on it."

James Rubin – Founder & CEO

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