Data Destruction & Hard Drive Shredding in London

Enviro Waste offers a professional data destruction service, being one of a few that is a Blancco certified data erasure company. Our confidential data destruction and hard drive disposal service is available for all types of electronic waste.

There are a range of ways to destroy sensitive data such as shredding or wiping hard drives, servers etc we ensure all disposal is done in a way that minimises the impact the electronic waste has on the environment.

Please ensure you read our secure IT guide to fully understand our service.

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All of our work is carried out in accordance to the legislation put in place by The Environment Agency. Furthermore our data destruction and hard drive disposal service is carried out in accordance to the following standards:

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Standard
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Standard

Once you’ve booked with us, our uniformed, professional and DBS-checked team will show up and securely transfer your items to our specialist treatment facility for destruction and recycling.

We handle a range of items as part of this service, including:

  • Hard drives
  • Data storage devices
  • Servers
  • Backup devices
  • CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs
  • Compliant decommissioning

Businesses all over the UK face many threats when they store data electronically – identity theft being among them. It’s never been more important for businesses to securely destroy their electronic devices so that this sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Our data wipe procedures meet specific criteria complying with the US D.o.D (Department of Defense) standards – so you can rest assured that every trace of your data has been destroyed completely.

Businesses that handle sensitive data of this nature need to be fully compliant with data protection laws, and therefore should take every precaution to ensure that the disposal of this data is done properly, and securely.

At Enviro Waste, we offer two different options for the safe and complete disposal of sensitive data:

Data Wiping

This method completely wipes the equipment to remove all sensitive data. This requires a specific type of software which wipes all trace of the data from the hard drive in a way which means it can never be restored

Data Shredding

By shredding your electronic storage devices, you can rest assured that the information will never be restored, no matter who gets hold of the hard drive. The hard drive is put through a specialist, industrial shredding machine which completely destroys the internal mechanics and ensures that it can never be rebuilt or accessed again.

Labour is provided on site to contain the equipment that you’d like us to securely wipe or shred. We tend to use storage boxes, or our specialist secure destruction bags.

The bags are cable-tied up and the storage boxes are locked when full. From here, they’re transferred into a lockable storage compartment within our van.

When the work is complete onsite and all items have been loaded into the van, we’ll provide you with a waste transfer note. This signs over all the responsibility for the items to us – once it leaves your premises you’re no longer obliged to dispose of it.

The hardware will be transported to our specialist treatment facility in Leyton, London, where the wipe or destruction of the hard drive will be carried out.

An inventory report will be signed off and emailed out to you (we like to save paper wherever we can!). This details the work that was carried out on each piece of hardware, so you know exactly how we disposed of the data on each piece of hardware.

A destruction certificate will also be provided to certify the destruction. These reports and certificates should be kept in your records to comply with data protection policies.

Of course, at Enviro Waste, the environment is always at the forefront of our minds – we’re constantly striving to minimise the effect of waste on the environment. Our waste disposal service will always consider ways in which we can either reuse or recycle.

Why choose us?

"There is no other industry that is as closely linked to the state of our environment than the waste industry. We have a huge responsibility to live more sustainably for future generations. ‘Enviro’ represents who we are and what we do and being quality driven means if we go out to do something we do it properly. Thinking long term allows us to recognise that the only way we can drive change is to be a positive influence within the industry.

Visit our charity page to learn how our customers, through the Enviro Fund, helps us plant trees and help contribute to society. We hope you share our values, our future depends on it."

James Rubin – Founder & CEO

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